5/1 2018

PNO delivers customized trailers to GN Transport

PNO continues to deliver customized trailers to GN Transport AB. GN Transport has picked up two different kinds of customized trailers: curtain coil trailers with customized stack holes, and curtain roof box trailers.

This is a good opportunity for us to take a closer look at these specific types of trailers, and the reasons why they are chosen by some of our customers.

SAFETY and FLEXIBILITY is probably the main reasons. A greater number of stack holes on the curtain coil results in greater flexibility and security throughout the whole transport. Furthermore, additional front frames can be built within these trailers, making the carriage even safer. GN Transport uses these trailers for transportation of goods of various sizes.

Curtain roofs allow for better goods handling, as it enables our customers not only to load from the back or the side of the carriage, but from its top as well.

We asked Henrik Nilsson, Sales Manager at GN Transport, about the reason why his company keeps doing business with PNO:

“Cooperating with PNO is highly appreciated by GN Transport, as it is a reactive, reliable and customer-oriented partner, which is important regardless of the industry you belong to.”

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