9/10 2015

Avoid Norwegian fines this winter

Stay updated on the regulations for use of winter tires in Norway 2015/2016

Like last year, we want to inform all our customers that operate in Norway of the rules of snow tires. With starting point in January 2015 the requirements for vehicle combinations, truck and carriage, with a total weight of 3500 kg each, must have winter tires on all axles and wheels. Violation of rules will cost you NOK 750 per tire.

Winter tires
The winter tire must be marked with M+S, MS, M&S, M-S (mud and snow), 3PMSF or ”3 peak mountain snowflake” and be especially prepared for winter driving.

There are many dates to keep track on so we have compiled everything into a schedule.


*2016, first Monday after Easter Monday.
Minimum 1,6 mm tread depth rest of the year.

It is the responsibility of the haulier to follow the regulations. However, if you have any questions regarding the tires on the trailers you rent from PNO, please contact one of our sales representatives. For more information, see here: Vegvesen

Have a great weekend!