PNO is the leading trailer leasing and rental company in the Nordics with approximately 12 000 trailer units. We have a large selection of products in our trailer fleet. We offer solutions to all transportation needs. For over 35 years we have rented out trailers and assisted customers with the best advice and expertise. We specialize in developing customized trailers and meet our customers’ needs quickly.

A great alternative to buying a trailer is to rent a trailer. Then you do not tie up capital in large investments with significant risk. Renting a trailer is very affordable as you avoid unexpected costs. In addition to an affordable solution, it’s also flexible and easy resulting in much discretion to the lessee.

We work with both short-and long-term agreements to cover normal operations and shorter intensive periods. The needs will vary depending on many elements. Our goal is to use our expertise to provide advice, regardless if it’s a long-term contract or short-term contract, for the customer to get the best product and solution.

We ensure the quality of our trailers through a number of important elements:

  •   Product quality
  •   PNO workshops in which we perform: maintenance, service and handle trailer damages
  •   Young average age of 54 months
  •   Knowledge and experience

Our vision is for PNO to be the most influential company in the industry and provide the most competent and optimal solutions to the market needs.

We specialize in Moving Floor trailers and have the honor to be general agents for KRAKER in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.