7/7 2016

Meet our employees – Hanne Johannsen

Who are the people that work at PNO? We’d like to introduce them to you. There are PNO offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and workshops in Sweden and Finland. Altogether, we are approximately 120 employees, which gives us 120 stories about daily work routines and special experiences. Let’s present some of these, here is one from our colleague Hanne Johannsen.

A particular moment in your career that you would like to share with us?
There are a lot, but most of all, I have met so many great and interesting people on my way since I started as Freight forwarder trainee 35 years ago. I remember when a trailer had a length of 12,70 meter, a reefer trailer was either with or without meathang and there were no double compartment at that time. Today you have a large portfolio of all kind of trailertypes.

How would your colleagues describe you?
Straight forward, High External focus,  Innovative, solution-oriented, a good listener, friendly, positive.

Tell us something about you that nobody at PNO knows?
I have been a cheerleader for a Danish soccerteam in California 30 years ago. I have a heart for human righteous entirety and a great passion for cooking. 


In my sparetime I spent time on golf and of course family, friends and cooking. I also like to wander, as this is great therapy for your brain.

hanne golf

Thank you Hanne for sharing your PNO story