18/4 2016

Meet our employees – Robin Ögren

Who are the people that work at PNO? We’d like to introduce them to you. There are PNO offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and workshops in Sweden and Finland. Altogether, we are approximately 120 employees, which gives us 120 stories about daily work routines and special experiences. Let’s present some of these, here is one from our colleague Robin Ögren.

Your job described in one sentence?
I am Account Manager at PNO Sweden which includes visiting customers 2-3 days a week from Ystad in the south to Luleå in the north.

A particular moment in your career that you would like to share with us?
Not long ago I got a deal with a customer in Luleå and he wanted a trailer so bad that he drove all the way down to Jönköping to pick it up. That is 1 200 kilometers, one way.

How would your colleagues describe you?
I hope they would say that I am a happy guy, goaloriented and funny. Having fun is a big part of the job for me.


Tell us something about you that nobody at PNO knows?
I am a huge fan of cars and dream of going to Geneva International Motor Show one day. I used to work a lot on my cars when I was younger but don’t have the time anymore. I keep myself updated about any news in the car industry and can’t wait for the day I will buy the car of my dreams, an Austin Martin DB9. The perfect car for a gentleman! I wash my car at least once a week and I wouldn’t let anyone eat in it, except for my son. It seems that he has the same interest in cars, I wonder how that could be..