17/10 2014

More on the updated Norwegian regulation for winter traffic announced 1 October 2014

The Norwegian Government announced through a press release expanded requirements regarding the use of winter tyres on heavy vehicles that will come into effect from the 1st of January 2015. Winter tyres will be mandatory on all axles, including the trailers, which so far has been excluded from the regulations.  Press release from Norwegian Government here and Vegvesen here.

PNO has early identified the need for suitable tyres for Nordic winter conditions. We initiated a program already 2012 where M+S (Mud + Snow) type tyres have been fitted to many of our trailers and integrated into our regulars replacement process.

The regulations are unfortunately driving additional costs in form of more tyres, labour and administration that PNO regrettably will need to pass onto our customers. PNO will supply a service package where suitable and approved types of tyres for Norwegian regulations will be fitted to the trailers when our customers are demanding this additional service.

Note that PNO can not be held responsible for monitoring the tread groove depth of the tyre and ensuring that approved types of tyres are used on our rental trailers on a daily basis – this is responsibility of the users.

The availability of certain tyre sizes are still uncertain and PNO can not at this moment in time guarantee full compliance to the regulations coming in effect 1st of January.

We kindly ask our customers to contact a PNO sales representative for further information regarding prices and availability of the PNO service package adapted for winter traffic in Norway.

Kind regards,
Team PNO