10/2 2016

Meet our employees – Nicole Mathiasen

Who are the people that work at PNO? We’d like to introduce them to you. There are PNO offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and workshops in Sweden and Finland. Altogether, we are approximately 120 employees, which gives us 120 stories about daily work routines and special experiences. Let’s present some of these, here is one from our colleague Nicole Mathiasen.

Your job described in one sentence?
I’m a trailer chauffeur at the PNO workshop in Malmö where I take the trailers to the inspection and transport trailers to make sure they are at the right place.

A particular moment in your career that you would like to share with us?
Being a girl in a male dominated workplace can be quite tough but it’s also lots of fun. Everybody in the workshop take good care of me but they also challenge me to do things I never thought I would dare to do. I have been quite nervous about driving with link and trailer but with great support from my colleagues and some stubbornness from my side I finally managed! I also want to mention that I have tremendously fun during workhours and not a single day pass without great laughter and I want to thank my colleagues and bosses for this.

How would your colleagues describe you?
I’m a glad person, funny, helpful and completely maniac according to the ones I asked.


Tell us something about you that nobody at PNO knows?
Should I really… then everybody will know (laughter).. well well why not. The first time I drove a truck with trailer professionally was at PNO. Another thing, that is of private character, is that I have lost 33 kilos during 7 months and I have never lived healthier than I do today.