1/4 2016

Meet our employees – Sebastian Balkebo

Who are the people that work at PNO? We’d like to introduce them to you. There are PNO offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and workshops in Sweden and Finland. Altogether, we are approximately 120 employees, which gives us 120 stories about daily work routines and special experiences. Let’s present some of these, here is one from our colleague Sebastian Balkebo.

Your job described in one sentence?
Together with Rame, I am responsible for the tires at the workshop in Helsingborg, which involves on-and off mounting and control of inventory.

A particular moment in your career that you would like to share with us?
About three years ago, I was test employed here for 6 months. To continue and get an establishment they told me I had to obtain a driver’s license. I had none as I had not had the energy to obtain one as I am a dyslectic and it is very hard for me to manage written theory. I was eager to get the job and it gave me a kick in the back to try it. I failed the test 13 times before I finally made it and it was heaven on earth!

How would your colleagues describe you?
They would probably say that I am easy going, funny and make a lot of jokes.


Tell us something about you that nobody at PNO knows?
I no longer have free time. I used to go fishing a lot, as it was my great passion in life. Now I have three sons, the oldest one is two and the twins are 6 months. It is a lovely chaos, all day every day. In the future I will be able to go fishing with them, that will be awesome.